Lowlands Cultural Cave & Village Touro

Please note all activities are ‘weather permitting’ & Passports are required.

Depart 8.00am from outside the Protea Hotel, Main St. Clarens. From there we’ll drive along the scenic Maloti Route to the border, where we’ll clear border formatilies before picking up our dedicated guide. Valid passports are required and for travellers under 18yrs the ‘un-abridged’ birth certificate is required in addition to their passport.

Travel via the small villages to Liphofung Cave. This is a huge sandstone overhang which shelters rock art dating from the San era. Your local guide will explain the meaning of the paintings and tell you about the history of the area. Great King Mashoeshoe used to rest in this ‘cave’ when visiting his people; it was large enough for him to shelter his horses and those travelling with him and has great historical interest. Please note this is a very large sandstone overhang, so you are able to walk nicely to view the rock art, no need to crawl on your hands and knees! Visit the little museum on site to see the tools which were used to create these wonderful works of art and also see the mock up little village which gives the visitor a look at the  type of homes belonging to the Basotho people. There is a small craft shop on the premises which sells baskets and bowls made in the local community and the proceeds from any sales will go directly to assisting the people of the village close by.

It’s the perfect opportunity to spend a moment here and enjoy your snacks in this peaceful setting.

Drive on to one of the Basotho villages where you will be made very welcome by the local people. The Basotho people are warm, friendly and absolutely love visitors when they come on an organized tour. Visitors will have an opportunity to mingle with the villagers and experience the Basotho lifestyle first hand. You’ll also be able to enjoy a drink in the local “shebeen” – or bar – before returning home.

It is simply not polite to ‘just arrive’ without making arrangements beforehand. Then it becomes an intrusion.

We look forward to showing you just a little part of the beautiful Lesotho that we love.