Kasie Tour of Kgubetswana Township, Clarens

Clarens is known for its breath-taking beauty and dramatic surroundings. On the other hand, the neighbouring Kgubetswana Township is ideal for those looking for something a little different.

 Departing from Maluti Tours office, a short five minute drive brings us to the communities of Kanana, Masakeng, Phahameng (meaning On top in Sesotho) and Kgubetswana (meaning Basotho culture in Sotho).

Our first stop is at Masakeng, an area where herding and livestock plays a vital role in the community.

We are going to visit three of the most popular taverns in Kgubetswana. On our way there, we will stop off at a local supermarket or the mini market to buy some refreshments and to get a taste of Spykos, or local takeaway (Spy kos is a Tsotsitaal word, which means Junk food, street food or greasy food).

Our next stop will be at Kgubetswana, a small near-rural settlement which is a must-see for street art, boasting several murals which people on the street can appreciate freely.

People from Kgubetswana believe that the mural and the spray-painted art on homes and Spaza shops adds colour and hope to a place where many people live, most of whom don’t have access to the artworks hanging in the galleries in town.

Our first tavern stop is at Fire and Dalles Tavern. This is a great place to have our first beer. There is a live DJ and enough space to dance.

The Zama Zama Tavern has spectacular views of the Maluti Mountains. The Kasi vibe is exciting and cool. They have good music and a safe environment where people are not disturbed.

The last tavern that we are going to visit, is the Hunter’s Pub. A local band plays regularly at this tavern.

Kgubetswana has much entertainment on offer and the Kgubetswana Township tours are an absolute treat and a must for one and all.