Guided day trip to Katse Dam in Lesotho

Please note all activities are ‘weather permitting’ & Passports are required.

Depart from Clarens at 6.00am. Travel along a part of the scenic Maloti Route to the borde.. Travel via scenic route to the border post and clear border formalities. Valid passports are required and for travellers under 18yrs the ‘un-abridged’ birth certificate is required in addition to their passport.

Clear border formalities Drive through part of the lowlands of Lesotho to Leribe where we turn for the Mountain passes.

Enjoy new and beautiful scenery as you climb the stunning Maluti Mountains along the twisting mountain passes. Breath taking views unfold as you climb and drop into the valleys.

Take a brief break at Bokong Nature Reserve enroute.

Back on the road start looking for glimpses of the Dam as the road twists and turns. At the Dam wall you may explore the area with your camera to capture amazing photos.

If you decide to have lunch at the Lodge, we make our way there for refreshments. Otherwise if you have opted to bring a picnic lunch, we find a suitable spot with lovely views for you to enjoy while eating.

We always try to take our visitors over the Dam wall so that you are able to have a bird’s eye view from the top of the wall. Sometimes this is not possible due to maintenance work being carried out, but mostly we are able to offer this unique experience.

Time to head back down the mountains. Once again amazing photo opportunities arise as we now make the return trip to the lowlands and back to the border.

Depending on weather conditions on the mountain passes we may reach Clarens around 7pm.